Cameron diaz and jude law dating who is eve dating now 2016


She has recently finished filming horror film The Box, which is released in December, and is set to begin filming drama Peaceable Kingdom in Kenya in September.Cameron's recent performance as a mother-of-three in My Sister's Keeper - adapted from Jodi Picoult's book of the same name - was a serious departure for the actress, who normally stars in comedies.As she approaches her 37th birthday next month, Cameron says she is trying to broaden her horizons and challenge herself by taking on more serious roles.A fellow clubber said: 'They were having a whale of a time and were dancing around to DJ Sam Young.'Cameron and Jude were romantically linked in the press two years ago after the actress split from Justin Timberlake.The blonde is currently single after splitting from builder-turned-model Paul Sculfor in May after a 18 months together.Last night, the actress was going for the casual chic look in a pair of wrinkled jeans, satin top and a black jacket.

The 36-year-old actress had been partying with Jude Law, her co-star from 2006 romantic comedy The Holiday, who left separately through the club's front door with a mystery woman.

The old friends were spotted drinking together in the VIP room of the club, which is popular with young royals.


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