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Let’s break it down by stages of the cancer story: Diagnosis Your sex life could change, even before diagnosis.Sometimes sex can trigger symptoms of your cancer, such as bleeding with intercourse. My husband, then my boyfriend, asked about the bleeding as it became increasingly worse. One of the symptoms of cervical cancer is abnormal bleeding with intercourse.My spouse said, “That’s it, no more sex until you get checked out and see what is going on.” The threat of no sex actually pushed me towards seeing my doctor and directly led to getting my diagnosis of cervical cancer in October 2012. I never even considered how it might impact my sex life, I just wanted to get the cancer out!Has your doctor ever talked to you about sex and cancer? It’s time to take a look at sex and cancer in a few ways.



We had sex and afterward it looked like a graphic murder scene.

I can only imagine what the hotel staff must have thought about when they came in to clean the room the next day.


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