Allez lache toi dans les commentaires et donne moi ton avis sur Camcamcam !Camcamcam is a french video chat site that has some really cool features, which has kept people interested. The first thing is that, it does not require any registration and one can just go online and begin the video chat.


Read: Bazoocam Chat Roulette Alternative The other striking factor of this site is the ability to chat only with male or female people online.

One can set a filter and chat only with female people online, which is a very good feature and saves a lot of time.

This process is actually appealing to people, who want to maintain anonymity.

This no registration feature has led to a huge pool of users and there is no crunch of people at any point of time.

Le gros plus de , c’est qu’il ne necessite pas de s’inscrire et/ou de créer un profil.

Il suffit juste d’avoir une webcam et de la tchatche pour faire de nouvelles rencontres en quelques clics !


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