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An earlier report by Agence France Presse notes: They say cyber pimps are offering cheap services via the Internet in a seedy mutation of the country’s sunshine outsource industry in which call centre work and other back-office operations are done for companies in richer countries.In one recent police raid on a house in Olangapo city in the northern Philippines, five girls aged 14-18 and three women were found performing sex acts in front of web cameras for clients sitting at computers overseas.“It’s a lot like working for a call centre. They can also make us do anything, as long as they pay,” said one of the girls picked up in the raid who used the working nickname of Rainbow.The Philippines, a ountry of more than 90 million people where poverty and joblessness is widespread, feels extremely blessed that it has overtaken India in the call center or contact center industry in the world.That means most call center jobs are now in the Philippines, which has an advantage because of its hardworking young men and women who speak English flawlessly. She notes: If you dialled a toll-free customer service number from any English-speaking country in the West a few years ago, you could safely wager a small fortune that your call would be routed to a call center thousands of miles away in India.Some even do it in their own homes, with the client sending payment via Western Union.This year, according to analyst figures, Philippine call center revenues will reach US.5 billion against India’s US.3 billion.



The girl, 15, and her sister, 17, told AFP they left their rural home on a northern Philippine mango orchard to work for their aunt in Olongapo, but that their planned employment as babysitters turned into cybersex work.

I’ve read some reports in the past about minors and poor mothers in the provinces who would go to internet cafes or so-called cyber-sex dens and engage in the same thing.

One such problem that comes to mind is the rise as well of cybersex operators all over the country.

This week, for instance, police raided a compound that masqueraded as a call center and arrested several people, many of them women who engage in cybersex, where they face their webcams to perform sex acts for clients halfway around the world, for a fee of course.

Philippine officials, understandably so, have trumpeted their country’s success in the call center industry and are predicting that more jobs will be generated.

(That most of these jobs, while paying more than the minimum wage, are not very secure and that, all in all, the rise of call center jobs masks a sad reality — tens of thousands of Filipinos are not suited for any of these high-tech jobs because they were not trained or educated for it — is something that I shall discuss in future posts.) While any new jobs created is always good, I really hope that the government will not turn a blind eye to the dark side of the call center industry.


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