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Fortunately, Blucas was kidding around (I think, go Demon Deacons!) and spent the rest of the interview excitedly talking about his role as Matthew.On his character's relationship with Callie Thorne's Dani: "I want them to be two people that have fun, that just enjoy each other.I don’t want to be the guy trying too hard to be charming.The winter finale (season 13, episode 9) of Grey's Anatomy, titled "You Haven't Done Nothin'," will see Richard and Bailey going head to head as Richard tries to figure out what's going on with Eliza at the hospital -- and what does the future hold for him?The Hayley Atwell-led crime drama on ABC will likely not see a season 2, TVGuide has reported.Derek Hough's big return to Dancing with the Stars probably wasn't what his fans were hoping for.Though Derek has typically made it at least to the semi-finals on Dancing with the Stars, season 23 was not his year as he ended up in sixth place.

I drew so much from her.(about her role on "Rescue Me"): This is literally my favorite role.

- the new USA series that premieres on June 29 and features Blucas as the trainer of the fictional New York Hawks - and received a death stare from the former shooting guard, who started alongside Tim Duncan in the early 90s.


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