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I don't know but I've put 2-3 times this same question but i still haven't got a full reply of how to get rid of this thing. I have one Data Grid View and I'm using it for taking input. Fund Code, Fund Description, Account No, Amount and Description. I want to display the first record by default when the row is added to this Combo Box or atleast find a way to control if there is no value in Combo Box column for any row.

The erroneous value is copied to Column C in the new "new row". Grid Behavior as Base Grid Behavior; grid Behavior.

Cancel = true; of rad Grid View1_Cell Validating) 5. Workaround: Base Grid Behavior grid Behavior = rad Grid View1.

Register Behavior(typeof(Grid View New Row Info), new Custom Grid New Row Behavior()); public class Custom Grid New Row Behavior : Grid New Row Behavior { protected override bool Process Tab Key(Key Event Args keys) { Grid View New Row Info new Row Info = (Grid View New Row Info)this.

Unregister Behavior(typeof(Grid View New Row Info)); grid Behavior.

To reproduce: -add Rad Grid View and use the following code: public Form1() { Initialize Component(); rad Grid View1.



Cell Validating += rad Grid View1_Cell Validating; } void rad Grid View1_Cell Validating(object sender, Cell Validating Event Args e) { if ((string)e.

First go to A and enter some value, hit TAB and go to B and enter some value.



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