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Davis, who likens her services to an executive recruiter, only accepts clients who are emotionally healthy, with realistic expectations about what they’re looking for in a relationship and what they have to offer.After an extensive interview process, Davis carefully matches clients with individuals in her extensive network of singles.We find that it typically takes until the third date to know whether you should pursue a relationship with that person.” —Denys Crea, Pairings Group Since launching her business almost 20 years ago, Kailen Rosenberg has helped bring about more than 1,000 successful relationships and nearly 300 marriages.Rosenberg, a certified master’s-level life, love, and relationship coach, finds that many of her clients who are powerful and financially successful have lost track of their authentic selves.It’s fast, inexpensive, and easy to make a rapid getaway, in case your date shows up in drag—true story.” Like what you just read?


In warm weather, the Angry Catfish bicycle and coffee shop always has lots of good-looking guys and gals who are into a healthy lifestyle.” Support a Good Cause “If bar scenes aren’t your style, volunteer at a local charity.

Even if you don’t meet anyone interesting, you’re still supporting a good cause, which is always good for self-esteem.” Meet at Starbucks “If you’ve never met someone in person before, plan to meet them at Starbucks, not at a bar.


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