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WWE is bringing Summer Slam back to Barclays Center on August 21.Broadcast around the world live on WWE Network, Summer Slam features the biggest stars of WWE including John Cena, Roman Reigns, Seth Rollins, Dean Ambrose, Alberto del Rio and more!Our public information counter evaluates, accepts or returns submitted papers and assists the public with court rules and procedures. The County Clerk will require a copy of the face page of the Notice of Motion with the Motion Support approval stamp.Please note that Motion Support does not handle matrimonial, guardianship, mental hygiene, condemnation, or tax certiorari cases. If you bring an extra copy of the Notice of Motion or face page, the clerk in Motion Support will stamp it for you.* Event Card Make the most of your NYC experience while you’re in town for Summer Slam 2016!Visit for official information about New York City restaurants, shops, nightlife and sporting events as well as exclusive deals and offers.For hotel information, please visit New York Marriott at the Brooklyn Bridge.For special rates, check “corporate/promotional code” and then enter W85.


The resulting orders from motions are processed and entered into the court’s computer and subsequently delivered to the County Clerk’s Office for filing. When and where do I file opposition papers and reply papers to a motion? What is the general procedure for requesting a Preliminary Conference (PC)? What is the procedure for filing a Note of Issue in person? I saw a “NINA” date listed on the Future Appearance System. If one of the “Commercial” boxes is checked off under “Nature of Action or Proceeding” on the RJI, a copy of the pleadings must also be attached to the motion and served upon all parties.In addition, this office reviews and processes Requests for Judicial Intervention, Notes of Issue, and Stipulations of Discontinuance or Settlement. If the papers are acceptable, the clerk in Motion Support will stamp the papers with the approval stamp.In addition, the following procedures do not apply to Orders to Show Cause, which are filed in the Ex Parte Office (10th Floor South). What is the procedure for filing a motion in person? How many days’ notice must I give when serving a motion and cross motion? Otherwise, make a copy of the Notice of Motion after the clerk in Motion Support approves it. The answer to this question depends upon whether or not the case is assigned to a judge.

Motion Support/Trial Support Office 360 Adams Street, Room 227 Brooklyn, NY 11201 347-296-1694 Hours of Operation: AM to PM The Motion Support Office reviews and schedules all motions on notice (served on all parties), involving tort litigation. If the case is NOT ASSIGNED to a judge, purchase the Request for Judicial Intervention (RJI) in the County Clerk’s Office, located at: 360 Adams Street, Room 189 Window #5 Brooklyn, NY 11201 The County Clerk will require the original plus three (3) copies of the RJI along with a check for .00 payable to the Kings County Clerk.

Motion Support reviews these as to content, form, and compliance with the relevant statute(s) and rules. My papers were rejected because my caption did not match the caption in the court’s computer. After paying for the RJI (or receiving a “NO FEE” or “FEE EXEMPT” stamp from the County Clerk, if applicable), take documents to Motion Support located at: 360 Adams Street, Room 227 Brooklyn, NY 11201 You will need an RJI stamped by the County Clerk, the motion papers, and an Affidavit of Service that states that the RJI and the Notice of Motion were served.


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