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On March 22, 1845, the State of Massachusetts granted the congregation a charter of incorporation.

From 1846-1852, congregants met in a private home on Albany Street.

Block, Moses Ehrlich, Bernard Wurmsur, and Julius Spitz.

Ohabei Shalom ("Lovers of Peace") initially held their services in the Spitz home on Fort Hill, but soon elected their first officials of the congregation-Moses Ehrlich, President; William Goldsmith, Vice President; and Abraham Saling, Rabbi-and moved their services to Rabbi Saling's home, where they were conducted until 1845.

On March 26, 1852, the synagogue dedicated its building on Warren Street (now Warrenton Street) in Boston.



However, there were factions within the congregation that eventually created a division between the Polish and German Jewish congregants.

Polish Jews were unhappy with the Bavarian rituals and the German cantor Joseph Sachs.

In 1844, the synagogue petitioned the City of Boston for 100 square feet of land in the East Boston City Cemetery, but the petition was rejected.

Later that year, the synagogue purchased 10,000 square feet of land for a cemetery at the corner of Byron and Homer Streets in East Boston; the City approved this purchase on October 5, 1844.

Temple Ohabei Shalom was founded on February 26, 1843 by several Boston Jewish families, and is the first synagogue established in Massachusetts.After meeting in the homes of both a founding congregant and the first elected Rabbi, Abraham Saling, Ohabei Shalom dedicated its first building on Warren (now Warrenton) Street in Boston in 1852.


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