Brett anderson donnas dating


The band put on a great show, it was the second time I had seen them (the first was at the Vegas Shakedown) and they were totally on that night.

After the interview they offered me beer and food and we ended up hanging out for a while before they had to play.

It was one of the most down to earth interviews I've ever done at a rock club, usually they are slotted with a very limited time frame and the band gives pat answers, so it was refreshing to hang out and talk with The Donnas, rather than have it seem very formal.

I'd been a fan of the band since I first heard them on one of their early singles.

Four 15 or 16 year old girls blasting out raw and catchy garage rock, what's not to love?



I ended up interviewing singer Brett Anderson (AKA Donna A, on the left in the photo) and drummer Torry Castellano (AKA Donna C, on the right in the photo) for quite a long time.

They were hilarious,, telling me about their love of "That '70s Show" and a couple good growing up and tour stories.

And please please please credit me and link back if you "borrow" my photos, then it isn't stealing!

I took this picture backstage when I was hanging out with The Donnas after interviewing them.

As their career progressed and their taste in music changed, as they told me, "from listening to The Ramones all the time to listening to AC/DC and Judas Priest." The band definitely got more rock.Heavier guitars and production values, however, didn't completely change their music, they still had the same funny and simplistic songs about partying and boys.


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