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But you should always treat everything as if those who are monitoring it can read the content of the email as well.We have talked about communicating with PGP, we have talked about using TOR and hidden services, and we have talked about good practices of Op Sec.Tor Chat clients communicate with each other by using Tor to contact the other’s hidden service. page=torchat – MAC users Unfortunately at this time, Tor Chat does not run properly in Tails, so you will either need to run it on your Windows, Linux or MAC system.In Tor Chat, every user has a unique alphanumeric ID consisting of 16 characters.This ID will be randomly created by Tor when the client is started the first time, it is basically the .onion address of a hidden service.


But some of us want to be able to instant message somebody else.The good news is, you can do this with something called Tor Chat.


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    Nur Premium-Mitglieder können die Webcams der anderen Nutzer sehen.

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