Bradley cooper and jennifer lawrence dating rumors

you'd think that there would be some off-camera hanky panky going on in their trailers!Well it turns out the 24-year-old actress and the 40-year-old actor have never done the deed with each other!the idea that the two might not be getting serious under the sheets.Certainly, their behavior at last night's Golden Globes did nothing to quell rumors of a romance.21, that he will "never" sleep with his frequent costar Jennifer Lawrence — regardless of how young he dates.The PHOTOS: Celeb wedding dresses in movies, TV "It's due to David O. "It just didn't happen," Cooper continued of any romantic connection with Lawrence, whom he would "never" have sex with.Russell, that's what's happening," Cooper said of the director and screenwriter. "It's not the way we are together." PHOTOS: Reunited costars The 15-year age difference isn't even the issue.


He was also briefly married to Jennifer Esposito, who is 39.If women like Demi Moore, Susan Sarandon, and Mariah Carey should be allowed to love younger men and be left alone about it, then it should be the same for men.


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