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, was released in June and detailed her relationship with Hugh Hefner and time living at the Playboy mansion.In the memoir, she wrote about how she allegedly suffered for years while living with Hefner.“I want to get into my experiences dating after the mansion and things like that,” she told Us.“I love writing.” Tell Us: Are you excited for Holly’s second book?


I always have to laugh at the part where Janice says "So you think of me as family? I actually feel sad that they found a way to uninvite her. Ross protecting the paleontology section at the library was pretty funny as well.Some bloggers will have a contest, and some won’t – it’s totally up to them. Fortunately I’m at the stage where short-term memories have a half-life of less than a month while those long-ago moments still ring clear as a bell. His name was Tim, and he was nice guy, which in fifteen-year-old speak means he wasn’t hot. A boyfriend in college wrote a poem about me (at least that’s what he said) and published it in the literary magazine. Currently Mari is working on a series of cozy mysteries. “He studied her as he summoned up an appropriate apology. His eyes swept down her slim legs to her bare feet and red toenails before he could stop himself. ” Quote from Stranger at My Door Stranger at My Door The only thing standing between her and disaster is a man she can’t trust …PHOTOS: Celebrity secrets revealed "I don't know what people think goes on in the bedroom," Madison, 35, told Us while chatting about her memoir, "but it was always very much the same, and intimidating, and not something that I liked.It was a miserable part of my life." The shocking tell-all was a huge success for the former reality star and landed on the PHOTOS: Girls Next Door through the years While chatting with Us at the time, Madison, who is married to Pasquale Rotella and mom to daughter Rainbow, 2, revealed her plans to pen another book.


Every Friday, we’ll have a guest blogger talk about fun stuff like horrible dates, good dates, etc. As I’ve been married for a long, long time, that’s a good thing. My first date was to homecoming when I was fifteen. The third book in the series is Stranger in My Bed.

We thought it’d be fun to do a ‘Romance: The Good, the Bad, and the Disastrous’ theme with guest bloggers. The second, Stranger in My House will be published by Entangled later this year.


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