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Do you think i should ring my Midwife in the morning (or will she just laught at me )? When I was pregnant with my dd (she is 9 months old now) she would have hiccups EVERYTIME i ate!!! she was perfect when born a really trooper at 8lb 11oz!! But if you need piece of mind then ring your midwife i'm sure all will be well i always think if your worried speak to the midwife its what she is there for and she wont laugh i have to say tho my son got huccups loads when i was pregnant in fact he got caught doing it at the hospital when they were monitoring me think its pretty typical my lo did not move much at all when I was expecting and that worried me but she used to get the hicups frequently and it was brilliant to finally feel movement!She was doing during the 20 week scan too so I was reassured that it wasn't anything to worry about.However as pp said if you are at all worried contact your mw - I'm sure she's been asked before and won't laugh! DD1 had hiccups every day after lunch without fail much to the amusement of my work colleagues who all took it in turns to sit with their hand on my bump while it jumped up and down ... She seemed to get them every time I ate and was a very hiccuppy baby too.Sure, I want my grandkids to eat healthfully, but I also want mealtime to be a pleasant time.


I'm 30 weeks & for the past couple of weeks baby has been hiccuping probably 7+ times a day, for about 15 mins at a time.I'm now a bit worried as i've just read various articles on the web that said frequent hiccups can indicate that there is a problem with the umbilical cord, or that it might be wrapped around the neck.If you were to pronounce this with a liaison, [lay zay ro], you would be saying les zéros (the zeros).Hello I'm just wondering if it's normal for an unborn baby to hiccups several times a day?

For example, le + hockey does not contract to "l'hockey" but remains le hockey.And les héros (the heroes) is pronounced [lay ay ro].


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