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Raymond Bonham Carter, who has died aged 74, was the last surviving child of the indomitable politician and orator Lady Violet Bonham Carter, and the grandson of H H Asquith, the Liberal Prime Minister; he was also the father of the actress Helena Bonham Carter.A successful banker who became a director of S G Warburg & Co, Bonham Carter's career was cut short when, in 1979, an operation to remove a benign brain tumour left him quadriplegic and partially blind for the remaining 25 years of his life.Laura Bonham Carter continued the Liberal tradition by marrying Jo Grimond, later Lord Grimond, the leader of the Liberal Party from 1956 to 1967.For Raymond, however, as the youngest child, the lure of politics (and the pressure from his intensely political mother) was not so strong, although he was justly proud of his Asquith ancestry.He was also taught by Harry Weldon, who kept a cask of beer outside his study door and would ask undergraduates to bring him a half - and help themselves while they were at it.Raymond Henry Bonham Carter was born on June 19 1929, the youngest of two sons and two daughters of Sir Maurice Bonham Carter (Asquith's private secretary, known to everyone as "Bongie") and Violet (Asquith's daughter), who was later created a life peeress as Baroness Asquith of Yarnbury.Their illustrious political and intellectual heritage was not lost on any of the Bonham Carter children. Mark won Torrington for the Liberals in 1958 and was Chairman of the Race Relations Board.

Here’s a breakup we honestly never saw coming: Helena Bonham Carter and Tim Burton have split after 13 years of dating.According to Yahoo, a rep for Helena said that the couple “separated amicably earlier this year and have continued to be friends and co-parent their children.We would ask that you respect their privacy and that of their children during this time.” Although Tim and Helena never married, they do have two children together.They also did not live together completely, instead choosing to adjoin two houses together in London, guaranteeing that they each had their personal space if they needed it.


He was educated at St Ronan's Preparatory School and then Winchester, after which he did his National Service in the Irish Guards.At Magdalen College, Oxford, he read PPE and was a keen football player.


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