Bobby brown dating history

And let me add this: This was before I ever touched any drug besides weed and alcohol.”, is revealing more sex secrets that Bobby alleges Whitney Houston held close.

According to Brown’s book, Whitney not only smoked weed with their daughter, Houston also had an affair with Tupac Shakur.

, Bobby admitted to cheating on Whitney with plenty of women.

But he also claimed that Houston was no angel in their marriage, waiting piously for Bobby to come home all the time.

It hurt my heart for him to die.” Brown’s book details his rise to fame from Roxbury, Massachusetts, to his New Edition days and beyond.

Some of the most interesting revelations in the book include Bobby’s time being married to Whitney.

One of those famous names thrown into the mix was last year, and I was so surprised to see him because I didn’t know he’d gotten out of jail.So I waved him over, and we hugged and I told him, ‘Baby, you got to promise me something–don’t let them get you.’ And he said, ‘I won’t.’ That was the last thing I ever said to him, and he didn’t do it.For those who were fans of Shakur, they know that the “I Get Around” bad-boy rapper seemed an unlikely affair partner for Whitney on the outset, but Bobby has reported in interviews that Whitney’s good-girl image was just a front.

Houston was just like a regular homegirl from the hood, Bobby has said.

Now 47, Bobby also included some of the famous names he has slept with, including Janet Jackson and Madonna.


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