Bob jones university dating policy


As an aside, let me also add that I have been impressed by former BJU students who express great love for the professors at BJU and point, instead, to what appears to be an insensitive administration who has not yet figured out that "covering up" is rarely possible in today's easily accessible social media.After spending several years on the faculty at Bob Jones University and observing the methods and psychology of Bob Jones Sr., I can assure you that a ‘unanimous’ expression from any group can mean only one thing: it is the view or opinion of Dr. As is true of a communistic state, a dissenting expression by anyone connected with the institution is absolutely impossible!



The stormy history of faculty turnover there testifies to that fact. Nelson Bell, 1957 Bob Jones University repeats its Origin Story so frequently that every graduate becomes an apologist, a shopkeeper of the “Show Window.” A gifted but poor teenager, the second youngest of a scrappy peanut farmer, Robert Reynolds Jones begins holding brush-arbor meetings in the Alabama Wiregrass.

He attends college, meets a lovely young thing, and they run off together into the evangelistic sunset.

“I will no longer let the fear of vicious comments or replies stop me from speaking what I believe to be right. At the same time, Bill Gothard has been put under administrative leave as his board finally investigates years of complaints about alleged sexual harassment/abuse.

I will also never give a message that everybody will agree with. TWW attributes both of these actions to the brave voices who spoke out on blogs: Recovering Grace (Bill Gothard) and Do Right Now BJU. Without the brave pressure of these well-spoken bloggers and victims, neither of these two events would be happening. Today, TWW is excited to post an original article by Dr. Dr Lewis, a long time advocate for an investigation into the reports of alleged sexual abuse at BJU, was recently quoted in the New York Times, responding to questions about the Bob Jones University controversy. “As always, they’re worried about protecting the church and the university, not the victims,” said Camille Lewis, who spent two decades at Bob Jones as a student and faculty member before leaving in 2007 and said she had tried to help several abuse victims over that time.“They said not to go to the police because no one will believe you, to defer to authority like your father or especially someone in the church,” she said.

He becomes the Billy Sunday of the South, and as he would hold these 6-week revival meetings, his heart was broken over young adults losing their faith while attending secular colleges.After stopping to get sandwiches at a drug store, a 40-something Bob popped into the car and announced to his wife, “Mary Gaston! I look for all the archival dots to connect into a complete historical picture.


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