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'I tried to live with it but he began to spend less time with me and my children and when his new wife started to come to my home, I got very angry,' She says.

After an emotional confrontation, she decided to sue for divorce.

But when my marriage to my Thai husband did not work, my friends told me that I should marry a farang because I am a very definite woman.

You see I could not accept my Thai husband having a new wife.' Nittawat's husband, also a school teacher began an affair with a younger school teacher three years before their divorce.

In the months that followed Nittiwat felt very isolated and in despair.

'I felt I was no good and I could not even take care of my children because I was so unhappy.

My business started to fail and the banks were going to call in my loan.

Nittiwat had been a teacher before opening up her own tourist resort just after marrying her Thai husband with a very large commercial loan.

'I think farang like Thai women because of our culture even where this is different to theirs,' she says.

Nittiwat lists the key differences between a Farang husband and a Thai husband Nittawat feels that there is big difference between Thai and farang culture.

She had just divorced her Thai husband whom she had lived with for seven years.

She had always looked down and even despised Thai women who married for farang and was shocked when after her divorce she found it so hard to begin a new relationship with a Thai man. When I was younger I would say I did not like very much the idea of Thai women marrying farang.


Nittawat, a Thai schoolteacher and business woman from Udon Thani married her UK husband Frank in June 2004.She met him online on a Thai dating site after three months of intensive internet dating.


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