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After research in the 1970s, the Hall was restored to an authentic period appearance and refurbished using furnishings drawn from the 1684 inventory of the contents.

It was last renovated in 2002 with the extension of a visitor centre and car park.

Its purpose was to display the history of the local medieval manors which comprise Birmingham.

The Hall was damaged by a bomb in November 1941 causing extensive damage and the museum did not open again until 1957.

Some structural work was also carried out in the hall and modern intrusive features such as the toilet block and the boiler room were removed, the former being relocated into the new visitor centre.

This allowed the second smaller parlour to be placed on the ground floor next to the Great Parlour.

His family farmed at the hall and had other buildings in the surrounding area which were lost over time.


It is one of the oldest buildings in Birmingham and is a typical example of Tudor architecture with the use of darkened timber and wattle-and-daub infill, with an external lime render which is painted white.An adjacent barn (Grade II listed) to the east of the hall has been renovated and consists of exhibition space and space for social functions.


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