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Though he and Miranda Lambert had been plagued by breakup rumors since marrying in 2011, the country music superstars were able to get through the divorce proceedings fairly quickly."In Oklahoma, it happens so fast," Shelton explained.


Ever the practical joker, he decided to have a little fun at their expense. Though it was just a joke, he said, "I was excited. "I always like it when I play Canada because if we're on a festival with six acts, chances are I don't know who maybe any of 'em are," Shelton said.

"There's definitely key people that have pointed me into the right direction.

Recalling one particular incident, he said, "I saw that guy out there the day before. Once he heard Ell perform, "I was like, 'Let's go out and watch who that is.'" Shelton confessed that he was floored to see a "hot girl out there playing guitar—like shredding the guitar.

an item (and just one day after Shelton's ex, Miranda Lambert, responded via song lyrics), Stefani has broken her silence about their budding romance.

Even if we knew of rumblings and rumors started coming out, they would just be that. It was done."The interview marked the first time Shelton had spoken in depth about his breakup with Lambert.

Contrary to tabloid reports, Shelton insisted he is still on good terms with the "House That Built Me" singer.


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