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American Idol will soon be airing its final episode after more than 14 years on air.

Millions are expected to tune in when the last ever winner is announced during a special farewell show on Thursday.

Over the years, the series has seen its fair share of emotional moments and sensational singers - with 13 acts having become household names almost overnight.

As one more act gets set to join the winners list, let's take a look back at those who were crowned number one from 2002 to 2015: Kelly bagged 58% of the final vote when she won the first season in 2002.

After releasing his fifth record in 2014, Ruben continues to perform live.



By the time he'd finished with the contest, he'd earned the nickname Velvet Teddy Bear for being so loveable.After his first single debuted at number two in the charts, Ruben watched his first album - titled Soulful - take the top spot upon its release in the US.


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