Black people meet online dating

If this doesn’t convince you to ditch the online weirdos we don’t know what will.

Majority of these men are not what they appear to be.

I met up with this one wholly insecure idiot on the site.

I mean, this person told me that I "use too many 'big' words" and that I made him "feel stupid".

Dating can be a time consuming process that leaves few rewards.

Whether you’re just too busy or don’t know how to get started, online dating can really seem like a great alternative.

I have contacted the company over 1 month without no response by phone or via email.

and still continue to be charged I am turning them into the Better Business Bureau I agree with many posts that I have read here.

This site is a waist of money and I don't recommend it to any female. I have not been able to access the site and the email to recover lost password does not work.

His triggers were conversation about women's empowerment, college, and "big words".


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