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– Endpoint Security is installed in the default installation directory on the selected Computers.Select Use custom installation path if you want to install the Endpoint Security in a different location.In this case, enter the desired path in the corresponding field.Use Windows conventions when entering the path (for example, D:\folder).You can also configure the communication server and local update addresses in the following fields, if required.

Posted by michael in How-To, Security for Endpoint (Cloud base) 1) Under Network, select “Packages” to setup the download link.2) Select the + sign at the right side of the panel, and fill-up the require details.– Select if you want to make sure the computers are clean before installing the Endpoint Security on them.An on-the cloud quick scan will be performed on the corresponding computers before starting the installation.


3) Enter a package name and description for the installation package. Select this option to create the package for a regular endpoint. Select this option to create the package for an endpoint with Endpoint Security relay role.

Endpoint Security Relay is a special role which installs an update server on the target machine along with Endpoint Security, which can be used to update all the other clients in the network, lowering the bandwidth Usage between the client machines and the Gravity Zone appliance.


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