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Now I am always second guessing myself when it comes to dating. What do I say when they ask what he is doing in another state? I have been told by my friends to keep it very vague.


They remind me constantly that they are out there, but then again so is the lochness monster. Does it make me less of a person because I am single? ” If I had a dollar for every time I have been asked that question.Dating in general is tough, but dating when you have a child living with bipolar is in its own league. Is it this hard for all bipolar single parents or just me?


I also thought it would be difficult for anyone to accept the roller coaster lifestyle I was living. Do I tell them he is living with bipolar and wait for questions or do I fill them in on what it means?There were a lot of days I didn’t want to be in my life how could I expect another to want to be there? In the past when I mentioned my son is bipolar you could’ve swore I told them I had the plague. Some of them couldn’t get away from me fast enough, others asked questions and when they realized how different my life was they quickly disappeared. I think I am shocked in the fact that men were so judgmental. Do I tell them he is living with bipolar and what it means, or do I just tell them he lives away from home and hope they don’t ask questions? I am sure I should keep the info very limited to begin with.


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