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I was then prompted to identify my skin tone and “bro type.” Though I leaned towards Hipster Bro, I ended up going with Casual Bro because a real hipster would never call themselves a hipster.The app also asks you whether you’re interested in “Dates, Chat, JUST Friends, Long-Term Bromance, or Whatever, Bro.”While the “Dates” and “JUST friends” options are explicitly clear in their intentions, it seems like the “Long-Term Bromance” and “Whatever, Bro” options are a little… These gray area selections seem to be the equivalent of “discreet” or “DL” asks on Craigslist sexual encounter ads.It’s also possible that calling a relationship between two curious men a “bromance” is just an easier entry point into the label-heavy world of the homosexual community.In the same interview, Jane Ward referenced a study completed by the Centers for Disease Control earlier this month that states that 2.8 percent of straight men reported having sex with other men.“2.8 percent might not sound like a big figure,’ she clarified, ‘but for comparison, Jews represent 2.2% of all Americans.”An app like BRO would allow this percentage of the male population to explore their sexuality with a lessened concern for the state of their masculinity.As to whether these men are simply gay men in hiding, Ward thinks the answer lies in a broader definition of homosexual sex:“I think it’s shortsighted to be so rigidly attached to the hetero/homo binary, and to the believe that anyone who identifies as hetero, but has had a same sex experience, must be lying…A quick browse through my potential matches reveals that most BROs gravitate towards the “Whatever, Bro” option in the when prompted to state what they’re interested in.


Ward is the Associate Professor of Gender and Sexuality Studies at UC Riverside and the author of “Not Gay—Sex between Straight White Men.”“I thought, ‘what is it about Grindr that didn’t meet the needs of these men? “There truly are men outside the ‘gay’ and ‘bi’ identifications, and the various products marketed to them, whose needs aren’t being met.It’s another niche.”Thanks to examples in mainstream media, it’s easier for us to wrap our minds around straight women experimenting with their sexuality and not being labeled “lesbians.” But according to Ward, there’s an “undercurrent of sexuality” within straight-identifying men that has gone unacknowledged.


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