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Now they’ve re-introduced the dating theme in the ability to chat with strangers, although the company assures us that strict privacy controls are maintained. Mywebees It’s estimated that 99 percent of all websites belong to small businesses or individuals. Coming up: reverse publishing to turn your Facebook page into a complete website with no sweat. Tube Hero What would happen if you mashed up Guitar Hero, You Tube and Facebook?

You’d get something like Israel’s Tube Hero, a Facebook app that lets you click away in time to the music from your favorite You Tube videos.

The play will be familiar to air guitar-heads young or old: Click a button whenever a particular color circle comes sliding down your way; the more you nail, the higher your score. Play solo, against Facebook friends, or random social media gamers.

If you’re feeling flush, you can pay for a fancier guitar or a cooler background. If I Die What happens to your social media profile after you die?

Much of the appeal is in the interactive games, but it can also be used to browse pictures together with your (very hip) grandma. If only there were a way to port an existing website to Facebook with a single click. It’s called Mywebees, an Israeli-made Facebook app that shrinks a website to 30 percent of its original size while still keeping the interface usable. Mywebees allows you to add more apps (21 so far) to your newly created Facebook business page: social sharing buttons, coupons, “badges” (virtual awards for fans) and more, some of them free.

Rounds started as an online dating site, but the founders were worried participants might get bored, so they added in game play and realized that this was the real money shot. You can also create cross-promotional alliances with other Facebook members and a mobile version of your Facebook page.

Send this article to your local press While may be the most prominent, er, face on the Israeli social media acquisition block, there’s lots more Israeli apps out there.

For every Facebook fanatic (and these days who isn’t?


), here are ISRAEL21c’s Top 10 Facebook apps from Israel. Rounds What do you get when you marry Facebook with Skype?

An app that allows Facebook users not only to see who they’re talking to, but to share pictures, videos and game-playing in real time, even when they’re separated by miles.


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