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The nearby area is specially equipped to handle your pre and post party desires (drinks and food).Parties start around midnight – when the clubs are opening.There are some world-class highlights of clubbing in Berlin.Normally the evening starts with some food, followed by some performance (theatre, concert) and then party time starts around midnight.

Berlin citizens are very forthcoming and mostly proud about their district (called Kiez), so don’t be shy to ask someone on the street where to find a hot spot in your area.Berlin music and party scene is very broad and you can find anything from techno to electro, from reggae to ragga, swing to metal, gothic to ballroom. 8-10 p.m.): either you know an artist you want to see, start in a live pub or you grab some drinks and get to know new people.It was a brewery and today it is an event and party area.Check out the program and decide about concert and parties.

You always should remember that Berlin has no official closing time, therefore you can mostly party around the clock.

There are after work parties, starting early evening, as well as after parties which actually start in the morning. Since there is no hurry to get a party started that has no ending, no one starts partying early – except tourists.


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