Belkin routers keeps updating dns certification of domestic violence dating violence or stalking


“802.11bg” (supporting both ‘b’ and ‘g’ standards) equipment is common, because since the frequency is the same one physical radio can support both.802.11a devices require a different physical radio. This is because the 5GHz band is wider, allowing for more wireless networks in a small area without interference (this is important, because interference between Wi Fi networks is increasingly becoming a problem in dense areas), and because Wi Fi shares the 5GHz band with fewer other devices (many non-Wi Fi devices operate at 2.4GHz as well, and will interfere with Wi Fi networks.Baby monitors and older cordless phones are a common example).

Wireless routers are ubiquitous today, but there’s a lot of people (even those very competent with computers) that aren’t quite sure how their router should be set up.In this tall post, I’ll show you through the common options and settings on a home router and explain what each does and how you might want to set them, along with some tips for a fast and secure network.When you buy a router, you’ll be presented with different options for Wi Fi version and different supposed benefits for each.When you set up your router, you’ll probably also need to choose a “mixed” or “g-only” option, or choose from a whole different set of standards the router supports.

Almost everyone these days has a small box with antennae somewhere in their house.

It may look innocent, but while it’s killing your babies it’s also applying multiple filters and rulesets to the thousands of packets coming in and out of your network every day.


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