Being picky in dating


You'realso likely to spend most of your time out of a relationship andsad about it.Want to end up in a relationship rather than ending up alone?You need a person to prove himself or herself to you overand over again, before you consider opening up to him or her.4. You have a particular style or type of person you like andwill only date this kind of person. You are willing to date anyone fairly decent, whether theyare a good match for you or not.2.You don't want much from a partner: a sense of humor, a job,and being attracted to the person is good enough.3. You will accept lots of imperfections in your partner.5.You date people whether or not you are attracted to them.If you identify more with being too picky, when you let someonein, you do not let them in deeply for fear they will not be goodenough. If you identify more with not being picky enough, you mostlyend up with people who aren't a very good match for you.Or, not having been in arelationship in a long time, you can be so desperate for arelationship that being with any person seems much better thannothing.


You have very specific ideas about who your partner needs tobe: a particular religion, income level, profession, verysimilar interests, etc.3.

Here some guidelines for what you should and should not be pickyabout: Here's what you should be picky about:1.


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