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Day of the Locust took years to make—they went through changes by the hour —but you don't hear about that, oh, no. How she's being dominated by her hairdresser boyfriend. Jon doesn't dominate me, nor I him, but people talk about us because creativity and popularity don't mix." People also speculate about them because they've chosen to play out their great romance in private. She had made headlines visiting the then-bachelor Premier Pierre Trudeau in Ottawa and took a flyer with her co-star Ryan O'Neal.

Naturally, some of the folks she and Jon have gone through along the way are now busily bad-mouthing the enterprise. "So what if Jon was a hairdresser," snaps Barbra, her pale blue eyes ablaze. "This man has done a lot to open my life," she exults. He doesn't let people walk over him." Not even Streisand?

Responds the exec producer: "Sure, we've had problems, but tell me what major movie hasn't? "A lot of producers in Hollywood started off selling dresses in New York City. "He has exposed me to a lot of things I wasn't aware of before, like gardening and health foods." Besides, Barbra continues, "Jon is a very strong man. He's sold off his beauty salon empire, but doesn't Jon still do Barbra? That's a joke between us." "He never fools with It," she chimes in, "except when we're making out." When Jon combed his way into Streisand's life in August 1973, her marriage to the erratic Gould was long kaput.

What bugs the Bel Air establishment is that Barbra keeps picking her own properties and men, and yet never (commercially at least) falls on what is known back in Flatbush as her tush.

For example, three scorers and two years ago, not to mention five writers, two producers and two directors, Jon and Barbra brought forth on this continent a prospective third remake of the movie classic . No, Streisand is playing herself (or the Judy Garland role of the starlet on the rise), and Peters has cast as himself (the James Mason part of the superstar on the skids) another bearded heavy, Kris Kristofferson.


Strangehold in question is hairstylist emeritus Jon Peters. And in Bel Air, where the only glamorous coupling these days is Woodward & Bernstein, their relationship isn't called love but tacky.

The life of Streisand and Peters has exceeded even the art of Warren (Shampoo) Beatty.


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