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Mc Afee compensated for all the rebuilding and redeploying of Katta shards with “the usual scripting duct tape,” but what they really needed was a solution that could seamlessly handle the sharding and updating on its own.“We were spending more time building solutions in-house rather than focusing on threat research,” said Mc Afee IT Architect Wes Widner.“We needed a database engine to take care of itself and let us do our jobs – find interesting bits in the data, figure out who’s being naughty on the web at any given moment, and report that up the chain for whoever wants to use it.”Mc Afee selected Mongo DB, which had excellent documentation and a growing community that was “on fire.”The authoritative source for Mc Afee threat information, Mongo DB enables big data analytics and supports the real-time flow of cyberthreat data between GTI’s cloud-based system and end client products.




It currently stores 4 billion documents – terabytes of data.Auto-sharding makes it easy to add more servers at any time to handle GTI’s increasing data needs.


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