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For those of you are who are considering moving to London from Australia, you’re in good company – thousands of Aussies move here every year and there is a fantastic expat community in London.Many of you will be able to get advice from friends or family members who are already settled in the capital, but just in case, we’ve put together a brief guide for you to read before you move here.Additionally, if you’re looking to sort out your UK Tier 5 Youth Mobility Scheme Visa, then you can buy it online.Where Aussies live in London How to find work in London Getting to the UK from Australia Types of visas for Aussies in the UK How to transfer money from Australia Australia Day in London Australian Pubs in London Aussie Dating in London Aussie Rules in London If you’re looking to live side by side with other Aussies in London, then there are a couple of areas of London to head towards.V and upload it to the UK Staff Search recruitment database for FREE.


However, before you begin reading, we cannot recommend highly enough the 1st Contact Kickstart Package, which is designed to help working travellers settle into London with everything they need.

Take a look at this extremely affordable set-up option.


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