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Explore NZ's Auckland Islands Seven hundred and twenty-five kilometres (450miles) south of New Zealand, the Auckland Islands are but an isolated speck in the Southern Pacific Ocean and an interesting stopping off point for those on Macquarie Island tours.They are rich in wildlife as they provide a refuge for thousands of birds and Sea Lions and in history, with a colourful past of shipwreck, treasure and attempts at human settlement. There are several in the group, but the main island is 39km (24miles) long and 5 to 40km (3 to 25miles) wide.Other islands in the group include Adams Island to the South, Enderby and Rose Islands off the north-east tip of the main island and Disappointment Island off the west coast.All islands are of volcanic origin and are characterised by high precipitous cliffs with huge sea caves on the western and southern sides.The eastern coast shows the effects of glaciation while deep fjords provide sheltered anchorages.

Explore the 'Albatross Latitudes and explore the most remote Subantarctic islands including Snares, Bounty, Antipodes, Auckland, Campbell, Macquarie & Chatham Islands on this comprehensive 19 day expedition perfect for those interested in birds, history, wildlife.

This voyage is timed to coincide with the flowering of the megaherbs which paint the landscape vivid colours. Explore wildlife rich Macquarie Island as well as Campbell, Auckland Islands and the Snares.

Hooker Sea Lions, Sandy Bay, Enderby Island Experience this destination by expedition cruising with Heritage Expeditions on the following departures: SPECIAL NEW ZEALAND DOLLAR RATES APPLY.

Join celebrated wildlife photographer Tui de Roy on an expedition to NZ's Subantarctic Islands.


Explore wildlife rich Macquarie Island as well as Campbell, Auckland Islands & the Snares.

These UNESCO World Heritage Sites are home to a vast array of albatross, penguins, petrels, elephant seals.


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