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At the same time, social psychological research by Bardack and Mc Andrew (1985) has illustrated that manner of dress and physical attractiveness both positively influence the perceptions of another individual.The central purpose of this study was to determine whether a single interpersonal communication event could influence perceptions of physical attractiveness in a dating environment.A total of 104 undergraduate students at a large United States university engaged in speed-dating in order to examine the effects of both positive communication and negative communication.

In short, this study was completed to explore the effects of a single social interaction in an attraction relevant venue.Physical attraction can be broadly conceptualized as liking for another individual “based on dress and physical features” (Mc Croskey & Mc Cain, 1974, p. Initial research on the aforesaid construct posited that physical attractiveness represented one dimension of what Mc Croskey and Mc Cain (1972) deemed interpersonal attraction.An examination of previous literature devoted to physical attraction, the effects of a single positive stimulus, and the effects of a single negative stimulus was undertaken because of their relevance to the present research.A contemporary method of dating was employed as a methodological tool for analyzing perceptions.

The specific component of physical attraction measured criteria such as the handsomeness, sexiness, and grooming of a fellow interlocutor (Mc Croskey & Mc Cain, 1974).

For example, extant literature has demonstrated that individuals normally experience physical attraction for individuals who possess a symmetrical facial appearance and/or a fit body physique (Huston, 1974).


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