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It was just a couple of days ago that we learned the Phoenix (Arizona) City Council had given the green light to members of The Satanic Temple to deliver an invocation prayer at a meeting on February 17.Satanic Templars Michelle Shortt (below) and Stu de Haan would be delivering the address: But now that word has gotten out about this, city officials are frantically trying to put the genie back in the bottle.If council members don’t want Satanists to speak, the only option they have is ending invocation prayers altogether.City Manager Ed Zuercher said in a statement Friday night that, at the council members’ request, he would add an agenda item for next Wednesday’s meeting that would change the way the city schedules groups that lead the prayer.The current system allows groups to call the city clerk’s office to schedule a date.Waring told 12 News that the Satanists would then be disinvited.While the exact wording of the new proposal isn’t available yet, this is a lawsuit waiting to happen.If their goal is to shut out The Satanic Temple, they’re going to be wasting a lot of taxpayer money fighting a losing legal battle.


If city council members get to pre-approve invocation speakers, what hope will there be for non-Christians?

What ratio would they even use — three Christians and a Jew on loop? There’s no answer you can give that wouldn’t exclude some group of people.


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