Assumptions does carbon 14 dating rely

Thus proving that the US Federal Reserve could better maintain US purchasing power parity if they switched the world’s Reserve Currency from US Dollars to “Forever Stamps”.A fully referenced and illustrated version of this article is posted on ISIS members’ website.Postal Action Network (PAN) has already sprung into existence this afternoon and plans to produce a boycott campaign of the new 44c Homer Simpson stamps. Homer Simpson is reported to have said “Give me the number for 911.” Barbara Boxer, majority Chairman of the US Senate Committee on Environment and Public Works, immediately set up an inquiry, announcing that all future changes in price for US post must be approved by the EPA.We can’t just let global damage be done willy nilly on the basis of some arbitrary postal expenses committee’s need to balance the books.The Russians (Pochta Rossii) announced they would lift the cost of letters from 10 roubles to 100, effective from Monday.*(As a curious aside, the Forever stamps may have been the US Government’s most successful investment tool in recent times, gaining 14% in value since 2007, while the Dow and everything else, lost over 40%.They are asking for donations in order to keep their postal service running, but are considering shifting to carrier pigeons. Professor Chrichton-Boots from the Chicago Schools of Economics, cautioned that US Post prices are a good proxy for inflation, and that it may be inflation that is really behind the recent change in climate.


Details here An electronic version of the full report can be downloaded from the ISIS online store.Download Now The story goes that charcoal buried in the soil is stable for thousands if not hundreds of thousands of years and increases crop yields.No other government service has to balance their budget, why should US Post?” President Obama immediately convened a task force at the Federal Reserve to loan 0 billion to US Post to keep prices constant until 3400 A. Tuvalu promptly announced they would cut their postal charges in half ‘just in case’.

Who would have thought that as postal charges climbed by 40 cents through the next 120 years, that global temperatures would mirror that rise in timing and slope and gain almost one full degree?

Ominously, US Post is set to raise the charges 2c to 44c on May 11, 2009.


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    Thus proving that the US Federal Reserve could better maintain US purchasing power parity if they switched the world’s Reserve Currency from US Dollars to “Forever Stamps”.


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