Asp net onupdating

So, how can I differentiate editing or inserting on Row Updating Event? perhaps something like adding a Hidden Field as a flag.

NET 4.5 gridview control with template fields for updating/inserting/displaying values from a 3-column table. I also changed the type to Float in the db and Double in the model, but what finally got it working was having the nullable property.

I have a Item Template and Edit Item Template in the Grid View, when click on Edit Button (on Item Template), then change to Update Button (on Edit Item Template).

And I have a Add Button outside of Grid View, upon clicking, add a new Row into Grid View and change Button text to ADD as following code fragment: I know there is Insert Item Template for row inserting, but in my situation I was using Button outside of Grid View to add new editing row instead.

NET/C# application I have an update panel that takes time to update. Please Wait" Message during the time of the calculations?

Thus there's an on Updating event wired in to handle the update. If anybody else has a better solution I'll welcome any other answers.

My problem is that the decimal column doesn't update when I enter a 0, 0.0 or other permutations of 0.


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