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I travel to Asia regularly and will likely live there someday.I’ve dated lots of Asian women (and white women) and have received lots of feedback on their opinions regarding Asian men.I’m not Asian myself obviously, but Asian guys are something I know a of about, more than any other race of guys, outside of my own.When it comes to dating and pickup, I see Asian make the same mistakes over and over again.Some of my best buds over the years have been Asian guys.Many of you Asian readers have emailed me and have spoken with me.


I’ve had many Asian friends and worked with Asian companies extensively, from Japanese companies back in the 90s to Chinese and SE Asian companies today.

If your dad is going to freak out if he finds out you’re dating a white girl (or god forbid, a black girl), that’s his fucking problem, not yours. He’ll get pissed off, and eventually he’ll calm down. While there is a small percentage of women are attracted to super skinny men, a teeny tiny skinny body on a man is not attractive to the majority Western women.

Stop worrying about what your mom and dad will think. The downside of this is that you’ve got hordes of Asian men living in the West, well over the age of 25 or even 30, who are spending their lives trying to impress their parents.

I’ve written an entire book on how to be your own man and overcome this kind of cultural brainwashing, so I’m not going to rehash all that here. Of course all men pursuing an Alpha Male lifestyle need to engage in regular resistance training, regardless of race. The payoffs in health and confidence are more than worth doing, even if you never plan on having sex for the rest of your life.

So if you’re an Asian guy trying to date women outside of your race, today is all about you, and what you need to do (or not do) to be successful in this area.The below items are not listed in any particular order, but they’re all important: 1. While you Asian guys don’t have nearly the destructive cultural Societal Programming that the Indian guys need to wrestle with, as an Asian man you still have your fair share. Some of that has helped Asian societies, such as Japan in late 20th century, Singapore today, and China in the future.


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