Ashley olsen dating justin bartha


And now, Ashley Olsen, who had also been in a steady relationship with , Justin had supposedly been close to proposing to Ashley in the past, but something clearly went wayside."It's over," said a friend of the couple, simply. Although given the low-key nature of their relationship, we don't expect a lot of details to emerge about their breakup.

However, it does make us wonder if Mary-Kate's breakup may have had an effect on Ashley's.

Just weeks after Mary-Kate Olsen breaks up with her boyfriend, Ashley becomes single too.

Even at the age of 24, do super-star twins Ashley and Mary-Kate Olsen still do everything together?


(Reportedly, Ashley and Justin were loft-shopping in New York together on 3 months ago, so any relationship problems were likely new.)Or did Justin, who was an unknown actor when he first met Ashley, and has now achieved minor stardom thanks to his role in the popular movie, sequel, suddenly decide that he wanted to take advantage of his new-found celebrity as a single man?

Is Ashley Olsen following in her twin sister's footsteps by embarking on a romance with a much older man?


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