Ariel lin and joe cheng dating


Only Joe Cheng was not able to attend due to work commitment.

Known for her professionalism and friendly disposition, Ariel has a wide circle of friends within the entertainment industry.

I love this pairing for the event but drama wise I feel like she would come across as the older sister type to his beta-male lanky nice guy aura.

in an interview with joe and Ariel when asked if they were dating, joe said that both answers were the same basically they do have feelings for each other but they're waiting to see if its because they are playing a couple or if its their true feelings.

Funnily enough, there is hardly any gossip about her and those entertainment co-stars, other than fan’s shippy dreams, and her last boyfriend was a much older divorced non-celebrity.

She kept asking me to reserve today for me and said it was a birthday party.


He said, “The bridegroom is a combination of Da Ren Ge (Chen Bolin’s character in ) and Jiang Zhi Shu (Joe Cheng’s character in It Started with a Kiss).is clearly pulling no punches in bringing the wholesome cuteness at the recent 75th anniversary celebration at its Taipei flagship store.


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