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We’ll hear from some CSSA regulars, tell some tall tales, and generally just get rowdy.

Hope you all left your gardening tools at home – the cops are already looking for us, so no bloodshed! * * * 106: Holly Valance: Points Garnered: 6 Number of Stories on CSSA: 8 Occupation: Aussie Soap Actress/ pop star Date of Birth: May 11, 1983 Birth Place: New Zealand Not the biggest name in America, Holly has a rising fan base around the rest of the world, making her a shoe in for an eventual run on the American Billboard charts.

So if there are more or less, it ain’t our fault, either!

We’ll work our way down from 106 to 1, provide a little (emphasis on little) info on each celeb, and celebrate CSSA life in general.


105: Angelica Bridges Points Garnered: 6 Number of Stories on CSSA: 2 Occupation: Actress/Former Baywatch Babe Date of Birth: November 20th, 19??

Birth Place: Harrisonville, Missouri, USA Red hair on a hot body can be like a siren call for men, and Angelica Bridges personifies that mystifying ability to a tee.

Or have you ever designed a drink coaster that’s faking like a movie poster and you wanted to use that font at the bottom of every movie poster they usee for the film credits?

Well, the votes are in, the bikinis are on, and the Posse is in the Audience.


Tonight, we celebrate all that is hot in the CSSA world, by going over the list of Hot Celebs and having a little fun along the way. In case you can’t count, our Top 100 list actually features one hundred and six women. Well, you’d have to talk to Voo Doo Joe for the specifics, but he claims it’s because of ties. The votes for this list came from a completely open, completely fair listing on the CSSA message board. You can see how people voted, who individuals voted for, and quite possibly a lot of WHY people voted for who they voted for. We’ve already started filming this special, so it’s too late now.Biographic data about each celeb was found on the internet – in other words, if it’s wrong DON’T BLAME US! Also, the counts on the stories on CSSA are rough estimates based on information up to the June 29th update.


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