Are emily haines and james shaw dating


Well, it didn’t take Emily Haines that long to get squealing.

The Metric cutie is one of those hoppin’ Torontonians cornered by this month’s Travel + Leisure in a close-up of Canada’s largest city, and though she resists telling the glossy mag where she likes to go for after-party drinks, she did, when all was […]In the end, it turns out that not all rock gods go to heaven.

Their affair may have been longtime or short-term but it was never actually made public as to whether their relationship eventually ended or not.

Most people assume they’ve split and still run the band together, while others speculate an on-and-off relationship is in the works. Johnny Cash and June Carter : After their marriage in 1968, Carter took on Cash’s last name and the two went on to tour together and in time won multiple Grammy Awards.


‘Black Sheep’ is featured in the new Scott Pilgrim movie and doubles […] Over a thousand fans descended onto Union Station for a free Metric concert Wednesday evening, forcing Toronto Police to shut down Front St. What would Hollywood be without some inner-bandlationship scandals every now and then? In no particular order, really, I’ve put together a list of our couples that managed to stick it through and others that just couldn’t take the heat. Jack and Meg White(The White Stripes) : These nifty two got away with covering up their previous marriage and making it out to look like they were actually just brother and sister.For every Freddie Mercury, Joey Ramone or Jim Morrison, with their locked-in timeless pop images that act as wellsprings of nostalgia for bygone musical eras, there is a Michael Hutchence, a Sid Vicious, an Ian Curtis — those whose careers in […] On May 11, Emily Haines and Jimmy Shaw of Metric performed at a charity event to benefit the Centre for Addiction of Mental Health. “It’s something that’s vital to the community and vital to the neighbourhood and it has to exist in a strong, prominent and healthy way,” Shaw said, “and anything we can do […] Metric has penetrated the geekosphere by penning songs for both Twilight and Scott Pilgrim vs. In ‘Eclipse (All Yours),’ lead singer Emily Haines adopted the voice of emo queen Bella from the Twilight books while co-writing the tune with Howard Shore.

In 1898 the two parted ways but continued to record together. Thurston Moore and Kim Gordon(Sonic Youth) : and Kim played in numerous bands together including none other than Sonic Youth, which they founded in 1981.Three years after playing they married and up until their split in October of 2011, the two were looked upon as something of a rock-legend couple.


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