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She was one of the very first valets in the business that parleyed itself into now, what we know in the modern wrestling world as, ‘the divas.’ She turned that into being a manager, she parlayed that into an actual managing career.”Nancy Benoit was married to Kevin Sullivan and they were together as a couple for nearly 10 years.During the mid-1990s, Sullivan was a booker for WCW and his manager in the ring was Woman; they also played a couple on-screen.“It’s been said over-and-over in the business and behind the scenes, and right up front I guess, that Kevin Sullivan wrote and produced his own divorce.But it was so much more than that; Nancy and Chris really just fell in love — madly in love.Nancy was also Benoit’s business manager during his tenure in the WWE.


Nancy Benoit was known in the wrestling world as Woman.Through her 13-year stellar career, she managed many talents including the tag team of Doom, Ric Flair and The Four Horsemen, ex-husband Kevin Sullivan, and Chris Benoit.


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