Are aaron rodgers and hillary scott dating

Not just the best QB, but the best NFL player alive.And as usual, every time Aaron Rodgers is on national television, I look at this site’s traffic stats and I see two phrases “Aaron Rodgers Gay” and “Is Aaron Rodgers Gay? During the postseason these search numbers increased, peaking when the Green Bay Packers were in the Super Bowl; of course.I asked him not to let momma be the last to know.” His father Ed Rodgers chimed in, “Well he’s not dating anyone, those things online, 99.9% are not true.” Remember the context though, they were answering rumors about Rodgers being linked to the three women I mentioned before and Lady Antebellum singer Hillary Scott and Sports Illustrated swimsuit model Julie Henderson.Then there’s these comments from Rodgers in Sporting News (this is the second gunman on the grassy knoll for the Rodgers is gay conspiracy camp): SN: “Do you live with anybody?He’s always the classic example of a “beard.” but here’s a more contemporary link: “Michelle Bachman and 10 women who married famous gay men.” “He’s not dating anyone, nothing online is true.Early in his career I would call him and say what’s this, you haven’t told me. You can’t let mom be the last to know, he said don’t believe any of that, it’s not true, it never is.As we’ve documented in the past, Rodgers has been (rumored) linked to: the mother of all sideline princesses Erin Andrews and “Gossip Girl” actress Jessica Szohr. His current girlfriend, is a stripper named Destiny Newton, so he probably went considerably down market.Although this would give him more “guy’s-guy” (that translates to “blokey-bloke” for my readers in the U. This relationship has been highly documented in social media by Newton’s sister Shawntel (I just can’t make up names like these) Of course, that doesn’t prove anything, as the actor Rock Hudson proved.

There are times when Aaron Rodgers looks like he might the best player in all of football.I’m not even going to venture a guess about whether Aaron Rodgers is straight or gay.What I am going to do is present what we do know about his personal life, and ultimately why none of that has anything to do with why he’s an NFL MVP quarterback.In fact, the high amount of “Aaron Rodgers Gay Rumors” search activity made the A-Rodg material the most viewed NFL content on the site. Now even with his relationship to Olivia Munn (which some of even branded a distraction) lots and lots of people out there seem to think Rodgers is still a homosexual.


I’m telling you right now that we will not attempt to answer the question of Rodgers’ sexual orientation.

AARON RODGERS: “I’ve got a roommate, a guy I met in town.


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