Apps hang while updating

The official Facebook app runs on all i Phones that have i OS 6.0 or later installed.

Go back to the App Store and search for Audible again and reattempt the download again by tapping GET or UPDATE.

Go back to the App Store, search for Audible again and reattempt the download again by tapping GET or UPDATE.

Here's what to do: The Storage settings in i OS let you do more than see how much space an app uses Now you can reinstall the formerly stuck app, or in my case just forget it and move on with life.

The Coin app was stuck installing on my i Phone for a couple weeks before I got annoyed enough to go hunting for a solution.

It doesn't matter what state the app is currently in; the system deletes it, along with all of it's data, and moves on without a moment's hesitation.

If the app is still not changing from "Waiting" or "Loading" tap and hold your finger over the icon and press the (X) to remove the app.

There is a fix, although it certainly isn't obvious. so frustrating, but there is a fix The trick to getting out of the perpetual stuck-on-install loop with i Phone and i Pad apps is to delete the problem app.Since using tap-and-hold to show the app delete button doesn't work, you have to go about it in a different way.Updating apps on our i Phones and i Pads should be an easy and simple process, and it usually is.When an app gets stuck part way through installing, however, it's frustrating because you're trapped in an endless loop and trying to reinstall typically doesn't help, plus doing the tap-and-hold trick to delete the app doesn't work, either.

Several users have reported that they could not update their applications and; app update/download was frozen.If you are experiencing issues with app downloads and updates, here are some troubleshooting steps.


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