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The weekend after this I had a feeling she was hiding something, so I sat her down and asked her if she was hiding as phone and if she was still talking to these men to which she said no, she wouldn't do that because it was wrong and she knows how upset I was!!

However after searching her bag before school, as I had my suspicions she was still doing it, I found another phone and more new messages of the same nature!!

I confiscated her phone as she had gone over her data on her contract and while I had the phone decided to have a look through it as we had experienced bitchiness from girls previously and wanted to make sure there were no more messages. There were messages to probably 50 different men, young, old, black white, didn't seem to matter and they were all of a sexual nature!!

I don't even know where she knows the things she was saying from!!

We took my daughter and the phone to the police station and they would not do anything!!

They told us to delete the App and check her phone every night!!

As far as I know she hasn't even kissed a boy and she was offering her virginity and all sorts off roll playing etc There were also lots of photos of men's bits and she had sent photos of herself and her little sisters 7 and 5!!!


I can only see limited as she has deleted a lot before I got the phone!!

We even had a car registration of one that had tried to meet her but they were not interested at all Your daughter sent photos of herself and younger sisters? If not this is making and distributing child pornography. She's not listening to reason so you need to get tough - call the police, these men are grooming your daughter and no doubt countless others it needs to be reported - also get in contact with the chat sites she is going on. She obviously isn't listening to you or her dad so something needs to be done nd perhaps she will listen to the police.


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