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Astrology and robots, BDS and black internationalism. Ti-Grace Atkinson, Rosalyn Baxandall, Phyllis Chesler, Anselma Dell’Olio, The Editors, Tirzah Firestone, Jo Freeman, Carol Hanisch, Andrew Klein, Chris Kraus, Kate Millett, Nina Power, Alix Kates Shulman, Ann Snitow, Elisabeth Subrin, Jennifer Szalai Obama as American Gorbachev; Roberto Bolaño canonized.

Frank Guan listens to Drake; David Samuels listens to weirdos. Interviews with David Harvey and an Anonymous Hedge Fund Manager. The “hype cycle” as the emotional life of capitalism, the death and life of book reviewing.

There is nothing particularly enchanting about it — it’s a dressed-down psychological study and, despite the nudity, it is about as sexy as sitting in a dirty puddle of iced coffee.

Of course Robin felt betrayed and abandoned, but something in you is pulling for her to get over it, to transcend these negative vibes and prove the utopia into existence.

Clearly, the Source was not a perfect system, but it looked like it came so close to offering a satisfying holistic experience that you want to believe it actually did.

On heroin and harm reduction, porn fiction by Tony Tulathimutte, plus a symposium on Ukraine. Molly Young takes adderall, Mark Greif eats locally, A.

Syria before the deluge, Brazil after the dictatorship. Why Syracuse stinks, why everything is speeding up, and why Juiceboxxx is awesssome.

Robin’s experience was different than that of the others: Even Magus (middle name “The”) Aquarian, whose son’s ear infection caused him to split from the group in pursuit of forbidden antibiotics, has peacefully accepted these years as a kind of gleeful, regretless ’70s romp.

Robin was a lone wolf: the harsher of mellows, a stubborn stain on the white cotton vision that couldn’t be erased with bleaching lemons and meditation.


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