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Mar Roxas and the Mayor of Tacloban City, Mayor Romualdez. “Si Presidente Gloria Macapagal- Arroyo..nakakulong pa rin.“Oh? “Hindi ba kahit sino ka, kahit gaano ka ka powerful..kahit ano pa ang apelyido mo hindi ka lulusot???

A viral post lamenting that the mass media has been nitpicking Duterte’s every mistake while trivializing policy pronouncements is making the rounds online. Rivera, a known die hard defender of President-elect Duterte on social media has been true to form after returning from his European tour last month by writing a brutally frank commentary towards the yellow-tainted Philippine media. Hindi pa nakaupo, may petition na ang mestizang panot na tanggalin na si Tatay kahit hindi pa nga naka-oath. We are sexual beings to respond to beauty, appeal, charisma or charm. Hatiin na lang natin ang Pilipinas kung ganun kayo mag-isip.

In a Facebook post shared 4,549 times and counting, Atty. THERE IS ONLY ONE PROBLEM: YOU DO NOT LIKE HIM History is replete with stories about the eccentricities of heads of states and former Presidents. Men, women and anybody in between are always objectified at some point. Duterte, lahat ng gagawin niya, may makikita kayong mali.

So, you will be hearing a President who speaks in a dialect that when given its Tagalog equivalence will scare the heavens out of the refined and the finesse. But to make a mountain out of a moldhill is something else. Kung may itsura ka or sexy ka, malaki ang tsansa na mapapansin ka.

Veteran actress Elizabeth Oropesa shared her sentiments with regards to the latest issue in the Philippines involving the head of the DILG, Sec.

However, true to form, headlines talked more about the “catcalling” of a reporter like it was the most important national issue or disaster.

Every statement reported, most of the time misreported or even magnified. In the recent press conference of President Duterte, I was genuinely interested what matter of national importance was discussed therein.


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