Android saxparserfactory setvalidating


= null) { SAXParser parser = s Parser SAXParser(); Manifest Data data = null; if (gather Data) { data = new Manifest Data(); } Manifest Handler manifest Handler = new Manifest Handler(manifest File, data, error Handler); Input Stream is = manifest Contents(); try { parser.parse(new Input Source(is), manifest Handler); } finally { try { Closeables.close(is, true /* swallow IOException */); } catch (IOException e) { // cannot happen } } return data; } return null; } /** * @see io. Input Stream) */ public Graph read Graph(Input Stream is) throws Data IOException { try { SAXParser Factory factory = SAXParser Instance(); SAXParser sax Parser = SAXParser(); Graph MLHandler handler = new Graph MLHandler(); sax Parser.parse(is, handler); return Graph(); } catch ( Exception e ) { if ( e instanceof Data IOException ) { throw (Data IOException)e; } else { throw new Data IOException(e); } } } /** * Creates the image for the given display XML input source.

* * @param manifest File the [email protected] IAbstract File} representing the manifest file. * @return A class containing the manifest info obtained during the parsing, or null on error.

String(ins, null)); // println("Test: " + new String(Byte Array(), "UTF-8")); /* Pipe to another input stream */ Byte Array Input Stream bais = new Byte Array Input Stream(Byte Array()); // Create a custom SAX handler for parsing the partnership op result from the HTML.Pagelet Content Verifer verifer = new Pagelet Content Verifer(); // Create SAX parser for parsing the HTML coming back after executing partnership operation.


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