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Do not try to comment on the entire text, but deeply analyze the problems you’ve mentioned at the beginning. It is important to choose the one question on which the author reflects the most and about which the author clearly states his position. If it is in the form of a question, the position should sound like the answer to a question.

It is important to see and comment on at least two points.

); The problem of role of childhood in human life (why childhood is the most important stage of a person's life?

); The problem of historical memory (why would a man keep the memory of the past, what it means to love his family and his motherland?

Defining the topic, you can try to formulate the problem of Free Essays. The problem is formulated as a question, or a combination of the words "problem of …" There may be several in one text of the essay.

the problem:• state• consider• launch• affect• name• formulate• investigate• analyze• touch • address Possible problems in Free Essays: The problem of memory of origins, childhood (why, as adults, a person feels the connection to the house of his childhood, with the world of his childhood?

)The problem of man's responsibility (whether a person can be free from society from other people? Commenting on the problem in Essay database online. This allows you to see the interests of the author.

Commenting on the problem and retelling the story are different. Does the author offer the solution to this problem? Here it is possible to apply to the means of expression, if they help to determine the author's position. Perhaps the author shows this through the eyes of the narrator? Commenting on the issue, you are showing your perception of what concerned the author.

); The problem of father's house (for some reason we can not forget father's house); The problem of assessment of childhood (what is the role of childhood in the development of personality?

); The problem of man's moral strength (why the moral nature of man often manifests in ordinary everyday situations?

Analytical Free Essay begins with the identification of topic (of the text). If you use the formula "the problem of," the structure would be different.To do this, select the keywords (words related to the same topic, synonymous words and phrases).... Online essay database suggests the following patterns: the author can …


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